Rent a double-decker in Cologne

A double-decker is a two-level bus. It is much more practical for the transportation of numerous passengers than a normal bus and allows the passengers sitting on the second level to enjoy a better view than in any other kind of bus. To sum up, it must be paired with excursions and sightseeing visits in Cologne and its region! Nonetheless, double-deckers are subjected to stricter limitations than random buses and are not allowed to drive in many streets in Cologne because of their height and length. Moreover, the number of double-deckers available in Cologne is very limited; it is therefore recommended to book a double-decker with driver in advance.

The following kinds of trips by double-decker are recommended:

Book a double-decker

It is probably irrelevant to mention that renting a double-decker without driver is not allowed. Double-deckers are the most difficult means of transportation to drive; it requires a lot of training, dexterity and experience. Bus Cologne offers to rent double-deckers, but there are conditions: since their number in Cologne is limited, we advise you to book your transfers, sightseeing tours and excursions by double-decker way in advance! To submit a request for a double-decker in Cologne, please contact us at: or call +49 172 83 44 164. We will be delighted to hear from you!